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Basko Healthcare developed the SPL 2 in collaboration with specialists. The unique knee joint system is the result of the interaction between fundamental research and the daily practice of patient care. As an Orthotist, you can rest assured that you are offering your clients a high quality reliable solution.

The Swing Phase Lock 2 is the ideal knee joint system for orthoses for quadriceps insufficiency (complete or partial failure of the knee extension function). No ground reaction force is needed to activate the lock. The pendulum mechanism locks and unlocks in response to the angle to the centre of gravity. Using the perpendicular, the joint stabilizes the knee in extension prior to heel contact and automatically releases prior to the swing phase. The Swing Phase Lock 2 is reliable regardless of the nature of the surface or the type of orthosis construction.
User-friendly:  The Satellite offers the user complete control of the Swing Phase Lock 2 system. The Swing Phase Control (SPC) joint can be used by the Orthotist to limit (Uncontrolled Flexion or Buckling) of the knee joint.

The Swing Phase Lock 2 joint system is a lightweight component that weighs just 340 grams. When it is incorporated in a ‘pre-preg’ carbon orthosis, the end product can even be classified as ultra-lightweight. When the SPL 2 is used in combination with the SPC there is no limit to the weight that can be applied. In a monola-teral construction, which only has the SPL 2 joint, a weight limit of 100kg applies. The new SPL 2 also has an extra feature, meaning safety stops which lock the joint in the event of incomplete extension.

The Basko Healthcare Swing Phase Lock 2, Swing Phase Control and Satellite are all covered by a twelve-month guarantee. With an average level of activity, maintenance is required just once every six months. We also provide the same twelve-month guarantee if you order from us make a complete ‘pre-preg’ carbon orthosis for you.

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SPL 2 - Knee Joint System

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