RGO & Other Fillauer Products

RGO & Other Fillauer Products

The RGO allows for hands-free standing without immobilisation of the hips . This device was named Reciprocal Gait Orthosis, to distinguish it from other HKAFO’s that do not provide torso support & hip contracture stretching, providing a natural more energy efficient reciprocal gait.
Pelvic Section Sections
Rocker Bar
       - Heavy duty butterfly style band
- Offer maximum gluteal gripping while allowing minimal interference when sitting
- Can be incorporated in moulded plastic for added trunk support
- Applicability: Child to Adult

Horizontal Cable

- Most Cosmetic Option
- Can be utilised with rigid pelvic band or moulded LSO
- Applicability: Child to Adult

Hooped Cable Design
- Least Costly
- Straightforward Design
- Easy To Use
- Best choice when concerned if the patient is a candidate for the device
- Applicability: Child to Adult

Hip Joint Options


Latch Knob for Small Hooped Cable RGO Only                         Latch Knob for Small Horizontal Cable
                                                                                                   and Rocker Bar RGO's


Push Button for Medium & Large Hooped                                       RGO II Sytem for Medium & Large Hooped
Cable RGO's without Abduction                                                         Cable RGO's with Abduction

Push Button for Medium & Large Horizontal Cable and
Rocker Bar RGO's with Abduction