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Direct Milled EVA Foot Orthoses

Please be aware that the price displayed is a starting point and it will vary depending on product characteristics, such as density, finish and size, etc. For more information please contact us.
£135.00 £162.00 (inc. VAT)
Soletec Direct milled insoles provide the patient with a highly customised orthosis which allows quick and easy treatment of a wide range of conditions. These custom devices can be made from impression box, 3D foot scans or Plaster casts. Soletec inlays are directly milled from an EVA block in a range of densities and combinations. This manufacturing technique means that any additional postings, neurological modifications or structural accommodations are applied at the same time as the initial fabrication; this increases overall durability as the whole orthosis is made from just one continuous piece of material. All Soletec inlays are available for a set price which includes the inlay, top cover and any additions or modifications. Soletec direct milled EVA inlays are available in a variety of densities and combinations to suit a wide variety of treatment plans.

Single density EVA is ideal for a total contact design to control the foot and ankle position, support the arch and correct hindfoot alignment. Dual density is most suited where the patient requires additions to the hindfoot or midfoot surface of the inlay, these include metatarsal domes or bars, increased arch support or heel cut outs for heel spur relief.  Triple density EVA is the best option where extra additions are required to the forefoot section. The increased rigidity of the third layer allows for modules such as toe bolsters, neurological additions or forefoot wedging to be applied without an unnecessary increase in overall thickness.

Once you have chosen the most suitable EVA material and specified any additions, you can choose from a wide variety of top cover materials to finish the inlay. A separate swatch sample set is available to choose the perfect material for your patient To place an order, all you need to do is complete our soletec order form and include this with your foot impression box, 3D scan or plaster cast. We will dispatch within 7 working days from receipt of your complete order.
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