Diabetic Stock Footwear

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Characteristics of this collection:
- All models are produced with “Xsensible Inside Stretch Leather” – this provides greater flexibility to accommodate for changes in foot volume, eg oedema or prominent bunions;
- Linings are made of synthetic material – especially for diabetic patients – soft, comfortable and durable;
- Shoes accommodate 2 inlays: a 5mm cork insole and a 5mm cork-leather insole - both are removable and maximum depth for individual insoles is 10mm.
- Additional reinforced insoles can be supplied with the shoes as well.
- All shoes are available in UK ladies sizes 3-9 and men sizes 6-12. (including ½ sizes)
- Outsoles: sportive PU outsoles and light weight EVA. Both easy to adapt.


- Diabetic polyneuropathy with severe neuropathy and pronounced angiopathy (blood circulation problems), associated with existing or healed ulcers and / or other mechanical irritations that lead to regional pressure peaks.