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The Atlantic Soft Body Jacket TLSO is the best option for patients who need a firm spinal support but are unable to tolerate the rigidity of a hard plastic shell. Available in made to measure, finished and unfinished as well as made to cast, this brace will ensure that the patient receives comfortable and firm spinal support. Available in 5 unique colours, the Soft Body Jacket can be the best option for increasing patient compliance before rigid bracing commences.

-1/8” High density foam outer layer
-Optional 3/16” coloured foam:  
Black         Grey          Red
  Blue         Yellow

-Reinforced with a rigid internal frame.
-Lined with 1/8”, 3/16” OR 1/4” soft foam
-Anterior, Posterior or Bivalve opening
-Available in 0° or 15° lordosis
-Made to Measurements - Delivery in 5 - 6 days
-Made to Cast - Delivery in 12 days
-Made to CAD/CAM - Delivery in 7 days
-Available in finished or unfinished

Indications :
-Flexible spinal deformities
-Post operative support when a rigid brace would be unsuitable
-Ideal for use with children to increase patient compliance
-Non-surgical patient use
-When a spinal support is required but skin condition requires greater brace flexibility

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Atlantic Soft Body Jacket

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