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The Apello Scoliosis brace is a completely fresh approach to the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. Described as an asymmetrical scoliosis T.L.S.O which can treat not only the curvature of the spine in the coronal plane but the trunk shift(s) in this plane also. The asymmetrical design of this brace lead not only to increased treatment efficiency but also increased comfort and thus patient compliance. Since the Apello is designed from the start to provide treatment asymmetrically, it performs consistently better than adapting a standard TLSO to be asymmetrical.

-Designed to decrease decompensation and coronal plane trunk shift(s) to achieve overall spine balance.
-CAD/CAM Designed Asymmetrical TLSO 
-Orthosis Made to Measure or Made to Cast 
-Intended for full-time brace treatment 
-Copolymer and Thermaliner 
-Posterior Opening 
-Built in Illiac Crest Pads 
-Optional colour transfer paper 
-Finished or Unfinished  

-Idiopathic Scoliosis
-Some Neuro-Muscular Scoliosis

Orthosis Criteria:
-Designed for curve types in which the curve is on the same side of CSL as the trunk shift. This can be checked with the following process:
-Central sacral line (CSL) is detirmined by bisecting the sacrum and measuring to the edge of the radiograph - Use this measurement from the side of the radiograph to a point at the height of the T1
-Connect two points by drawing a line (CSL)
-Determine where each curve is in relation to CSL
-Verify that the curve or curves are both on the same side of the CSL on the out of orthosis radiograph.

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Apello Scoliosis Brace

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