Daily Series

All DAILY Series inlays are available with metatarsal domes and medial/lateral posting. If you would like to add this to your inlay order, please specify along with your required specifications and this will be applied at the finishing stage of manufacture. These act as a platform to support the foot on a day-to-day basis. There are five different types of DAILY Inlays available to order. Please see below:

Daily Men/Women

-Stabilized heel with longer rear wings in the shell

-Shell made of glass fibre composite material
-Standard Version (EU sizes) available between 36 - 52

-Narrow Version available between 35 - 43
-Bottom Cover: CarboTec

-Comfort padding

Daily Black Fiber

-Physiologically resilient shell made of Black Fiber composite material

-Dynamic, flexible heel by short rear wings in the shell

-Composite material visible from the outside

-Standard Version (EU Sizes): 36 - 52 / Narrow Version (EU Sizes): 35 - 43

-Bottom cover: PU Black

-Comfort padding

Daily High Heel

-High heel flexibility for optimal adaptation to various heel heights

-Shell made of carbon fibre composite material

-Available in 36 - 43 (EU Sizes)

-Flat heel area with padding for impacts

-Flexible support of the foot’s longitudinal arch

-Increased walking balance

-Bottom cover: CarboTec

Daily Control

-Half-shell heel support for improved hindfoot guidance  

-Shell made of glass fiber composite material

-Stabilized heel with longer rear wings in the shell

-Heel cup lowered at the back for improved fit

- Unisex width

-EU Sizes: 36 - 48

-Bottom cover: CarboTec

-Comfort Padding

Daily Rigidus

-Though elastic reinforcement under the MTP 1

-Levelled forefoot posture by compensatory wedge

-Dynamic, flexible heel with short rear wings in the shell

-Shell made of glass fibre composite material

-Standard version (EU Sizes): 36 - 48 / Narrow version (EU Sizes): 35 - 43

-Bottom cover: CarboTec

-Comfort padding
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